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Scope 3

sustainability consulting, research, and software


Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment

We identify tradeoffs and synergies among environmental impact areas like greenhouse gas emissions, water use, land use, and biodiversity footprints. Our experience includes assessments of crops and bio-based products, packaging, product stewardship, and design for a circular economy

We offer the following services to improve the sustainability of your organization:

  • strategies for achieving sustainable consumption
  • life-cycle thinking
  • ISO critical review
  • material flow analysis
  • financial-environmental frontiers
  • sustainability communications strategies

Our work is performed in accordance with industry-standard specifications:

  • life cycle assessment  scope, analysis, reports (ISO 14040/14044/14071)
  • environmental product declarations and product category rules (ISO 14025)
  • water footprint (ISO 14046)
  • carbon footprint (ISO 14067 / PAS 2050 / GHG Protocol)
  • ecological footprint

Through a combination of expertise and innovative software, we empower our clients to engage with sustainability in three scopes: their impacts, opportunities for change, and knowledge gaps.



Have you had difficulty interpreting a previous sustainability assessment? Is your LCA model out-of-date or impossible to update?  Our ReModel service makes your model more dynamic, scalable, and flexible.

  • Make elaborate spreadsheets streamlined and robust
  • Transform ISO reports from static documents to interactive models
  • Curate your models and generate results and reports dynamically
  • Interoperate across LCA software (between GaBi, SimaPro, OpenLCA, brightway2, and our own web-based data management framework)
  • Produce results automatically formatted to integrate with your enterprise resource planning system or other external application

If you prefer using Excel for ease of inspection and sharing, but you have an existing study that is difficult to use or interpret, we can produce dynamic models that export to Excel for reporting and review.

​GET IN TOUCH to start your ReModel Securely putting your data to work

Your life cycle sustainability assessment uses two types of data:

  • private data that describe your product or service system
  • reference data sets that represent products and services from suppliers outside your organization is a web service for storing and sharing models, which allows you to update and revise the integrated data at will. keeps your private data safe and secure, while also keeping you connected to the most current data from the scientific and business community. Thus, it eliminates the need to download and manage large background databases. When you’ve finished a model, share it securely and privately with your colleagues, clients, or collaborators. When you communicate your results, give readers an interactive report that enables on-demand uncertainty and scenario analysis.