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Scope 3

sustainability consulting, research, and software

Scope 3 is hiring!

Scope 3 consulting seeks experienced and committed researchers, data scientists, and software developers to help realize our vision for responsive, transparent, extensible and database-agnostic sustainability assessment software. 

The sustainability analyst will support ongoing consulting work in life cycle assessment of wastes and recycling systems with major international clients.

The data scientist will help us develop existing and new workflows for generating, reviewing, and sharing the results of sustainability assessment computations.

The software developer will help us move from local to Web-based tools and visualizations, and help guide our development of enterprise-class, secure and private LCA software.

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Recruitment notice

Scope 3 provides consulting services to clients who need to understand the environmental, social, and economic impacts of their actions and decisions.

Delivering Sustainability Intelligence

We offer a modern, efficient approach to Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprinting. Dynamic reports and custom visualizations allow you to focus on what matters for your organization.

Custom models, Reliable data, curated results

Our powerful modeling framework accelerates the pace of gaining intelligence. With easy updates, data flexibility, and security, you can identify sustainability leverage points in weeks instead of months or years.